Every gamers dream is to fly with Jetpack and be safe at the same time. This game is an extraordinary solution for us, because it's so funny and full of crazy elements, like Jetpacks and magic mushrooms. Doodle jump is like a real life, where you have so many opportunities and amusing things to do for be happy, but it's also full of tricky creatures, which take you down and make everything more harder.

The developers of the game make this game first as a micro device for mobiles and the apple app store, but then Doodle jump break all the records of sales and become a winner of the Apple Design award, which normally isn't an award for such a little game like this.

Mentioned game is created by Lima sky developers and they successfully made a whole new small world, with little green alien and this doodle needs your help to fly higher and higher because he can't stop jumping and this drives you crazy and makes you addicted to go more high and get a bigger points on every new try. So, this is a flash version of this great game and i hope you enjoy it, because it's so cool and a great method to kill time with fun.

The controls in this game are so easy to adapt. Your green alien need to move right and left, so you have to control his moves with Arrow Keys and land him on the right place. Right Arrow Key will make him jump right and Left Arrow Key on the left.

About the game

This game takes place on your notebook pages. Maybe this sounds crazy, but it is true and this page drowning is so cool and also alive. It's so awesome, one little doodle alien is living in your hands and needs your help, because he can't stop jumping and don't have a chance to survive, without your coordination and the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.

The storyline is simple, your alien is facing a high risk of falling down and die, if you don't make him jump right on the ground pieces. Also, meanwhile black holes are trying to kill you and stop you flying, but you can avoid them with quick maneuvers and fast skills, then you can use some power-ups to fly higher and defeat your enemy black holes, which broke your steps and make more danger for doodle to fall down. So, the main idea of this game is to jump more and more high and don't fall down, but it's not easy, as it seems at first glance, because when you go up, ground will start moving and makes your game more hard and entertaining.

More details of Doodle Jump

Your character is a little green doodle alien, who is jumping on the dangerous surface and your mission is to avoid any fall and make only bold moves. Gameplay is so enjoyable and cool, which gives you so much fun, because there is Jetpacks and you can use that to fly faster, but they're using time is restricted and you have to be careful when they disappear on your back. Also, there is moving grounds, which are blue and if you need to choose an appropriate time to jump on them. There are also brown floors and that ones are broken, so when you jump on them, they disappear and you can use them only once and find a new place to jump fast. Also, there are bonus points and you can collect them, while your journey on the sky.

Graphics in Doodle jumps are so cool and modern. First of all, the background is so awesome and it's like a page of your notebook. Also, everything in this game are so realistic, like a Jetpack fire and black holes. This is a big plus on a little game like this, so enjoy.